Recipe: Cinnamon Toast

Ahhh, buttered toast: the quick and easy reason why my doctor had to give me a talking to. No worries, my cholesterol

All you need are three ingredients and your off to Heart Palpitation town. Today, you will never eat toast the same way again, or not. It’s not that great, but paired with black coffee, it’s still an awesome breakfast.

Since there are less ingredients, it’s the ingredients and the technique that matters. Make sure you follow the damn instructions. This recipe serves one person and it’s up to you to scale it. I’m sorry for giving you math homework.


  • 2 pieces of white bread
  • 1 tbsp. room-temperature butter
  • 1 tbsp. sugar


1. Turn on broiler. Cream butter and sugar until well incorporated. It should have no specks of butter. (Forgot to take a picture, sorry!)

2. Toast one side of the bread in the middle rack until golden brown. You can use the upper racks if you want to hurry the process, but be warned. It is very easy to burn the bread.

Toasting one side does two things: 1) Create a barrier that moisture can’t penetrate. It is up to you how brown you want the bottom as long as it isn’t completely white. 2) It will wick away moisture to make room for the butter.

3. Take out your toasts from the broiler and spread your butter cream evenly on the untoasted side. Make sure to cover the bread from edge-to-edge.

It is important that you toast only one side of the bread because we want the butter to absorb into the bread while

4. Broil the buttered side until it looks caramel brown. Serve as soon as possible.

The surface of the buttered side will bubble and slowly turn brown.

Don’t expect all of the sugar to caramelize. The butter is there to not only add flavor but to melt and restructure the sugar, forming a crispy layer on the bread.

There are a ton of variations that can be done to this recipe, both sweet and savory. This thing isn’t that far from the way I make quick garlic bread. Feel free to experiment and try other ways to flavor the toast. I had the idea of tossing the sugar in orange/lemon rind instead of cinnamon to make a mild citrus toast.

You can probably guess how I make the garlic bread. Garlic bread is easy.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. That is how easy it is to set that cholesterol level to “America,” ladies and gentlemen.

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