Top 5: Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson Classic Highlights

This post was inspired by my good friend Alex. I am sorry I was rude to your girlfriend. I did not mean it. Game Grumps is a let’s play channel where two friends, Arin Hanson and Daniel Avidan, play video games and react to it. What makes Game Grumps unique is the lack of a face cam, letting the duo’s chemistry shine through witty commentary and jokes. If you are a Game Grumps fan, Welcome. This blog is a Grumps chillzone. If you are the latter, thanks for reading this far.

Arin Hanson is the personal embodiment of the American dream. Arin “Big Cat” Hanson is born in Southern Florida, in a town called Margate. He did not grow up comfortably and never graduate high school. Against all odds, Arin “Video Game Boy” Hands-on built the media empire Game Grumps and pioneered a genre of comedy. Arin and his comedy partner Daniel Avidan of the Ninja Sex Party, mingled with celebrities like Ben Schwartz, Jamie Lee Curtis, and even Rob Schneider. 

Arin “ your angle… or yuor devil” Hanson expanded Game Grumps by creating a game development studio and touring company within the company. Arin, along with his peers and colleagues in the company, amassed millions of followers. The man may not look it right away but he is a debonair media mogul, and he did it by playing video games on their YouTube channel.

Today, we take a look back on Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson’s most epic gaming moments of Arin’s tremendous career. Skill, hilarity, and

Number 5: “Who’s got the grapes!?”

Credit: GrapeGrumps

In this classic one-off, the two faced one-on-one in the Nintendo game Jordan vs Bird. The unmitigated ass-kicking that Dan gave Arin with his broken three-pointers was a sight to behold while Arin proceeds to pick up imaginary grapes on the ground. Towards the end of the episode, Arin “Air Hands-on” Hanson manage to pull a defensive stop via block and slammed it down, just like Michael Jordan. Arin triumphantly scream on the way down, spun once before hitting the ground.

"Ohhhh myyyyy gooooooooddddd!! Arin wins!"

After that sick, nasty, dunk, Dan buries another dagger in Arin’s face. Dan stepped back and dared Arin to take a shot. Arin responded with a long two-pointer, screaming once more as if that shot erased Dan’s 80+ point lead.

"Who's got the grapes!? Who's got the grapes!?"

Number 4: The Fortress of Solitude

Credit: PlaidLife

Simply combine the fun of poop jokes and crippling addiction. Arin wins big using his craps strategy called “The Fortress of Solitude.” This style is done by betting on 23 and betting on the surrounding square. The strategy did not work initially and the best thing to come out of it is Arin’s poop-noise joke…

…But the he f*kin’ hit it.

Arin was able to get a crap ton of money. Not much to say here. The Grumps banter here is great and that fortress is even greater. Next!

Number 3: The M&Ms Beach Party Saga

Credit: Matty Jones

This one is a bit different. M&M’s Beach Party is the Grumps’ hidden gem and the series only had three episodes. All of them bangers. Arin has multiple highlights (and lowlights) in the series, which makes it impossible to pick just one.

The competition is intense, the highlights are epic, and Arin is in most of it. He dominated most of the competition, mostly Dan, and found various ways to get a win.

This stint of episodes are so good that I just had to put them in the list.

Number 2: The Birth of Video Game Boy

Credit: Game Grumps

Even kings fall, and Arin Hands-on is no exception. Out of this round of ass-kicking from Dan, Arin’s exasperated plea of frustration birth his famous moniker, “The Video Game Boy.” He cried:

“I’m the video game boy! I’m the one who wins!”

Arin Hanson

Do not take the word “ass-kicking” lightly here, Arin is absolutely getting pounded. All you have to do is watch and enjoy.

Number 1: “What is Up-Dog?”

This has to be Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson’s greatest gaming achievement. Arin lured Danny-Avidaniel into the slickiest of all the tricks, and it is the “What’s UpDog?” prank.

As a Game Grumps fan, this has to be one of Arin Hanson’s crowning achievement in his career as a Grump.

For those who are new, this is the moment that shape Game Grumps history:

Credit: MatterBoar

I just remembered what’s up here.

Daniel Avidan | Grump | Danny Sexbang

Watch as Arin set the trap.

In case you missed it Arin’s slight-of-tougue, Daniel involuntarily prompted Arin into doing that joke.

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