Announcements: ‘Spiel of the Spine’ and updates

Spiel of the Spine I just wanted to come and tell everyone that I will start a new section for this blog called  "Spiel of the Spine" where I hand-pick games and review them. This section will incorporate videos of the game to accompany the text so people will know what I am talking about.... Continue Reading →

Comparing Video Game Narratives VS Cinema

The Low-down In video games, the focus on narrative has increased throughout the years. From “A Hat in Time” to the “Yakuza” series, the video game market is saturated with narrative-rich games. Unlike movies, video games have its own unique way of conveying its plot to the user and continue to evolve in that aspect.... Continue Reading →

The Nightstand

Video game analysis and recommendations? Why don't you reach over the Nightstand? Hello, My name is Blynn Beltran and I am the host of this blog. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a game journalist living in Sacramento, Calif. I am a part of a first-generation immigrant family... Continue Reading →

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